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BThe partners of Timmins, Jacobsen & Strawhacker, LLP have from thirty to fifty years of experience. Several of the associates have multiple years of experience with the firm. The firm believes that staff retention is enhanced by providing a stimulating environment that allows staff to develop skills and relationships that are satisfying on a personal and professional level. All professional staff receive a minimum of forty hours of continuing education training annually. The topics are selected to tailor the education to the client assignments of the staff and to maintain awareness of the trends in the industries and occupations of our clients.

The firm believes in balancing technical training with additional experiences. All staff are encouraged to join and become involved in the community. The partners and staff are involved in chambers of commerce, civic organizations, professional associations, social organizations and charitable organizations. Community involvement provides the firm with a connection to the surrounding community and offers the firm an opportunity to be exposed to trends and issues which may affect clients.

Our current staff listing is as follows:


Kim Jacobsen, CPA

Jeff Strawhacker, CPA

Darlene Danielson, CPA


Don Timmins, CPA

Sarah Salz, CPA

Kristin Glick, CPA

Tara Thomas, CPA

Jamie Johnson

Andrew Martin

Morgan Waldeier, CPA

Tonia Johnson

Stephanie Bitner

Taylor Davis

Kim Davis

Kim Fricke

Nancy Boehm